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Tap Water vs Bottled Water

Still Buying Bottled Water? Save Money and Live Healthy Now Savvy consumers are learning that an investment in a water filtration system can actually save money over buying bottled water. Bottled water is awkward, heavy to cart around, and environmentally unfriendly....

Five Myths About Water Softeners

Soft water can make everyday life much more convenient for many homeowners.  Softer skin, smoother hair, cleaner & shinier silverware and glassware, less soap scum for easier cleaning, softer clothes using less detergent, and prolonged life of appliances are just...

How to Get Better Tasting & Better Smelling Drinking Water Right From Your Tap

Your home’s drinking water meets local standards, but does it meets your own personal standards? Water can travel great distances to arrive at your home, and in doing so, pick up bad tastes and offensive odours along the way. Higher demands and a growing population...