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Common Water Problems and Solutions in Peterborough, Cobourg, Ennismore, Lakefield, & Kawartha Lakes

Water Problem: Hard Water

Hard water is created when water passes through rock formations and picks up calcium and magnesium.  Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made up of hardness minerals and soap.  This scum collects on shower walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores, and makes house cleaning extremely difficult.  Hard water deposits also clog pipes, cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and increase the maintenance on water-using appliances.


Solution: ECR 3702 | ESD 2752
The top of the line EcoWater ECR 3702 Water Refiner will remove all of your hardness as well as some iron in a super-efficient manner.  Many of our customers have experienced a savings of at least 50% in their usage of salt.  The ESD 2752 is a budget-priced alternative that will provide the same great water with fewer advanced features.  To learn more and get a FREE in-home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today.


Water Problem: Iron
Iron water is created when water passes through iron-bearing rocks.  Because iron accounts for 5% of all the earth’s crust, it can be found in just about all types of water supplies.  It can also be caused, usually temporarily, by water standing in iron pipes. Iron has the tendency to leave stains on sinks, clothing and linens, or it can form scale on pipes and water-using appliances that make water look, smell and taste bad.

Solution: ECR 3702 | EFT 2300 Filter
The top of the line EcoWater ECR 3702 Water Refiner is rated to remove clear water iron. In most cases, our equipment can remove triple the iron compared to competitive brands. Should your iron levels be elevated, an ETF 2300 Air Injection filter ahead of your water softener will usually fix the problem. In severe cases, a full Chlorination or Peroxide system may be needed.  To learn more and get a FREE in-home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today. 

Water Problem: Chlorine
Chlorine can make water smell and taste bad and is a known carcinogen.  Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and is commonly used as a disinfectant in commercial and household sanitation, bleaching, and maintaining swimming pools.  The most significant application is the disinfection of public water supplies where it’s used to manage bacteria levels in drinking water and kill potentially agents that seep into lakes, rivers, streams or ground water.


Solution: ETF 2300 / ERR 3702 / ERO 375
When removing chlorine is the sole objective, the EcoWater 2300 ECCWS Whole House System is the ideal choice.  If hard water is also present, the most efficient way for a homeowner to eliminate chlorine is through the ERR 3702 whole home refining system, which combines water softening with chlorine removal in one integrated piece of equipment.  For high purity drinking and cooking solutions ie, no chlorine or any other contaminants, the EcoWater ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System is the best option.  To learn more and get a FREE in home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today. 

Water Problem: Nitrates
Nitrate (NO3) is a naturally occurring form of nitrogen (N) which is very mobile in water.  It is essential for plant growth and is often added to soil to improve productivity.  Water moving down through soil after rainfall or irrigation carries dissolved nitrate with it to ground water.  In this way, nitrate enters the water supplies of many homeowners who use wells or springs.  Drinking water high in nitrate is potentially harmful to human and animal health.


Solution: ESS 1152 | ERO 375
The unit of choice for a whole house point of entry system is an EcoWater ESS 1152 with a specialty resin.  This unit regenerates with salt (like a conventional water softener), but with the specialty resin it removes nitrates.  Should you choose to just purify your water supply for human consumption, EcoWater’s advanced ERO375 Reverse Osmosis System will provide you with outstanding drinking water.  To learn more and get a FREE in home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today.


Water Problem: Bacteria
Microorganism like bacteria, viruses, protozoa and cysts are often present in surface water, but also in well water underground. When ingested, these can get you very sick, and should be neutralized when they enter your home.  Did you know some organic or reductive bacteria are completely harmless to humans? They can cause your water to taste bad, often fishy or earthy, and present as a slime build up in the toilet tank.  Bacteria in water takes many forms and the best way to know the type of bacteria present is to have your water professionally tested. .



Solution: UV System or Chlorine/Peroxide System
After we determine what form of bacterial contamination is affecting your water supply, we can recommend the right treatment. A chemical-free UV (ultraviolet) system is often the solution of choice, and is easily installed on both municipal and well water supplies. For reductive or organic bacteria, a Chlorine or Peroxide ingection system may be required. Our systems are certified to meet or exceed the EPA requirement for the removal of bacteria, viruses and cysts such as giardia and cryptosporidium. To learn more and get a FREE in-home water analysis and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today. 

Water Problem: Tannins
Tannins make water look yellow or brownish in colour.  They are not a health concern, but aesthetically they cause staining on clothes and fixtures and makes the water look murky and unclear. Tannins are composed of tiny pieces of organic material floating in the water and are typically caused by decomposing vegetation getting into water supplies.



Solution: ESS 1152
For tannins in your water the recommended unit is an EcoWater ESS 1152 with a specialty resin.  This unit regenerates with salt like a conventional water softener, but with the specialty resin it removes tannins.  To learn more and get a FREE in home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today.


Water Problem: Sulphur & Methane Gases
Dissolved gases can cause cloudiness and bad odours in water.  It can also cause pipes to hammer and spitting of gas and water when a faucet is opened.  Methane gas is odourless and occurs naturally in some underground water wells.  Hydrogen sulfide gas smells like rotten eggs and is occasionally present in underground aquifers.  Dissolved gases in water can be aggressive to piping systems and cause wear on valves, seats and washers.


Solution: EFT 2300 | Chlorine/Peroxide Systems | Methane Systems
If you have a rotten egg odour in your water you may not need any equipment at all. Should the odour be noticed only when using hot water, the problem may be simply fixed by servicing the water heater. If your cold and hot water, however, is found to have a trace of hydrogen sulfide gas, our Air Injection Systems may be the solution for you. At higher levels a Chlorine or Peroxide injection system may be required.  Methane requires a special aeration tank, ventilation and repressurizing system. To learn more and get a FREE in home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today. 

Water Problem: Arsenic
Arsenic is an odourless, tasteless heavy metal.  It is naturally occurring in the environment and is a by-product of agricultural and industrial activities.  It can be in two forms: arsenic III and arsenic V. Human exposure to arsenic can cause both short and long term health effects. Short or acute effects can occur within hours or days of exposure.  Long term exposure has been linked to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidneys, nasal passages, liver and prostate.



Solution: EFT 2300
The classification of the form of arsenic and its relative level determines the methodology to solving the problem. Based on these results we may suggest a Whole Home ETF 2300 treatment with a specific resin to target Arsenic and other heavy metals.  For point of use treatment an ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System provides a simple solution at a single faucet. To learn more and get a FREE in home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today.



Water Problem: Toxic Chemicals
These chemicals are more commonly referred to as Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOC).  But there is nothing organically good about them.  They are very dangerous man-made chemicals like TCE, PCB, THM, PCE, benzene, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, etc.  They commonly enter the drinking water from leaking underground storage tanks, industrial runoff, leaking landfills, toxic dumping/spills or were used in farming before they were known to be harmful.  Many of these man-made toxins are known to cause cancer when humans come into contact with them.  These dangerous chemicals can be ingested in your drinking water, inhaled in the shower, or absorbed through your skin when bathing.



Solution: ETF 2300 | ERO 375
The McLeod’s EcoWater ETF 2300 is the whole house solution for the removal of toxic chemicals.  Specialty resins can be used in this filter, based on your needs. For the best quality drinking water solution, an ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System is the recommended solution with dual carbon filters and the most advanced RO membrane in the industry while chemicals alone may be removed by a cartridge filter.  To learn more and get a FREE in-home water test and estimate, contact McLeod’s EcoWater today.

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What does the safe drinking water act say?

(table)The safe drinking water act (SDWA) says that the quality of all drinking water must be protected and authorizes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish minimum standards requiring all owners and/or operators of public water systems to comply with these standards. Under the Act, the EPA also establishes minimum standards for state programs to protect underground sources of drinking water.

What is the best water to drink?

The best water to drink is the one that you will drink the most of and the most often. However, if you’re looking for a clear breakdown of the benefits to each kind, here is a quick list:

    • Hydrogen Water: Technically the most healthy water to drink, hydrogen water contains hydrogen molecules that act as powerful antioxidants. The claim is these molecules are capable of helping your body neutralize harmful free radicals, reduce inflammation, & slow down aging.
    • Alkaline Water: Classified as water with a pH level of 8 or above, Alkaline Water has become more popular because research shows that an alkaline diet is generally good for health as the body thrives when it is able to maintain a slightly alkaline pH. While low on minerals & nutrients, alkaline water has been shown to relieve symptoms of upset stomach, increase the body’s overall absorption of minerals by 30%, and reduce blood pressure by 15% (see study).
    • Distilled Water: Distilled water has the highest level of purity and is almost sterile. Sometimes called demineralized or deionized water, distilled water is water that has had everything removed (including ions and minerals). So while it’s the purest form of water that you can get, it literally has nothing in it (good or bad). There are no harmful side effects to drinking distilled water but it is not recommended as the sole source of drinking water as it lacks basic minerals & nutrients that are beneficial in water.
    • Bottled Water: Bottled water is a convenient way to access clean safe drinking water however, some large water brands have admitted that their bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water and it comes with a large environmental cost due to its single serve plastic container. Bottled water also has a shelf life (yes, really) as the plastic leaches into the water overtime, effectively contaminating it.
    • Boiled Water: While boiling your water is one of the cheapest ways to purify your water, boiling only kills pathogens and is not capable of removing other contaminants such as like lead, pesticides, nitrates and other chemicals. Boiling water also lends a very flat taste to the water which most people do not prefer.
    • Tap Water:

Is tap water safe to drink?

While tap water is “safe” to drink EWG (Environmental Working Group) did a 5-year study looking at the quality of US tap water and the results showed that tap water supplied to all 50 states contained over 500 different contaminants. While we tend that think that the water that arrives in our homes is “filtered” the truth is that municipal water treatment facilities only treat for specific regulated contaminants (not all) & even worse, the lead pipes the water travels through to your home introduce more contaminants to your water on its journey.