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Private Wells

How to care for your private well

Your well can be contaminated by:

  • Openings in the well seal
  • Improperly installed well casing
  • Well casing not deep enough
  • Well casing not sealed
  • A remote source of contamination not related to well construction

Make sure that:

  • Sanitary seal or well cap is securely in place and water-tight
  • Cap is at least 12 inches above the ground
  • Joints, cracks and connections in the well casing are sealed
  • Surface water does not pond near the well
  • Well pump and distribution systems are checked regularly
  • Changes in the quantity and quality of water are investigated immediately

Dug wells should be checked at least four times per year.

Drilled wells should be checked at least two times per year.

Water quality may fluctuate due to changes in the water table or a change in water usage. If there is a noticeable change in your water quality, we recommend having chemical and bacterial tests done.