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World Water Day- Wastewater

March 22, 2017

March 22, 2017 is World Water Day. This day designated since 1993 strives to bring awareness to the importance of freshwater and advocates for sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The focus this year is on wastewater. Over 80% of our wastewater comes from homes, cities, industries and agriculture that flows back into the ecosystem without being treated or re-used.

What that means to us is that there are health and environmental concerns raised from insufficient wastewater treatment. Some of the concerns raised is the negative effect on fish and wildlife populations, beach closures or restrictions placed on water activities, restriction of fish/ shellfish harvesting and consumption.

 Examples of pollutants found in wastewater

  • pharmaceutical/ personal care products which enter the environment through wastewater can impact human health, aquatic life and wildlife
  • metals, such as mercury, lead, chromium and arsenic can pose chronic and acute toxic effects
  • decaying organic matter and debris can use up dissolved oxygen in lakes so fish and other aquatic species cannot survive

 How we can use less wastewater

  • install a rain barrel. Collect rainwater to water garden
  • turn off the tap while washing up or scrubbing vegetables
  • save vegetable or pasta water to use on garden or household plants
  • turn off tap while brushing your teeth
  • use a shower bucket. As you let water warm up for shower, place bucket under tap to collect water that isn’t quite warm enough yet
  • don’t put oils, chemicals and toxic material down the drain